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We, at Vein Specialties and Clean Slate Tattoo Removal, seek to offer the safest and most effective aesthetic solutions by investing in the latest, most innovative technologies. Having performed laser tattoo removal procedures for over 9 years, we are thrilled to add a groundbreaking laser system that significantly improves the standard of care and patient experience 

 For our tattoo removal patients, the Cutera enlighten laser offers better clearance of tattoos and it accomplishes this much faster than existing laser systems. We are really excited to bring these benefits to our patients who want tattoos removed or remodeled.  Additionally it is very effective in treating benign pigmented lesion (sun and age spots).

enlighten is the first laser system in its industry to offer two ultrashort laser pulse modes as well as two laser wavelengths to treat multiple tattoo colors. Tattoos are best removed with lasers, and multiple treatments are needed to achieve clearance. The innovations in enlighten allow for superior patient outcomes. 

Clean Slate Tattoo Removal at Vein Specialties ensures treatments are safe, effective, comfortable and directly physician supervised by Dr. Norman N. Bein, a Board Certified Surgeon.

We offer Cutera enlighten tattoo removal, PICO Genesis, Limelight, Pearl and Laser Genesis plus varicose and spider vein treatments in a professional and comfortable setting 

Are you looking for laser tattoo removal in St. Louis? Do you regret that tattoo you got when you were eighteen? There are many people exactly like you who got a tattoo when they were young and regret them later in life. If you want to erase your tattoo, come see us at Clean Slate Tattoo Removal.  You don't have to live with that unwanted tattoo. Clean Slate Tattoo Removal offers full and partial laser tattoo removal and lightening.  Many people would like to change only part of a tattoo in preparation for re-inking.

Many people believe that tattoo removal is painful, or will provide less than 100% tattoo removal. However, new laser technologies have emerged to improve the success of the tattoo removal process with less pain and real results. Laser tattoo removal is considered to be the safest form of tattoo removal. The process produces little to no scarring as compared to other methods of tattoo removal. However, in some rare cases, full removal will not be possible depending on the type of tattoo.

  • Are you worried about the appropriateness of your tattoo?
  • Worried about your upcoming job interviews?
  • Looking to join the military but need to have your tattoo removed?
    (Discounts are available to those removing tattoos for military service with letter from their recruiter).
  • Wanting to reink a tattoo or part of a tattoo.

Clean Slate Tattoo Removal has helped many people looking to remove that unwanted tattoo in St. Louis and all over the Midwest. 

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Come visit St. Louis' premier laser tattoo removal professionals. Clean Slate Tattoo Removal provides options for laser tattoo removal under medically supervised treatments. If full removal is not possible, we also offer partial removal as well as lightening of tattoos. Our doctor is certified in laser tattoo removal and we offer painless tattoo removal – as you might imagine, these are both popular requests.

Under our care, you will encounter a professional and courteous staff that is concerned with providing you quality care along with quick and easy tattoo removal in a clean and private environment. We can remove all types of tattoos including:

  • Homemade Tattoos
  • Professional Tattoos
  • Tattoo Cover Ups
  • Full and Partial Tattoo Removal

Tattoo RemovalOur staff will provide you with a free professional consultation covering your options for your tattoo removal. During this consultation, you will have all your questions answered regarding your options in removing the tattoo, what you can expect from the procedure(s) and pre and post treatment activities. We will also cover all risks and benefits associated with the procedure. Each tattoo will be unique so we will also be able to establish a price for the removal and estimate the total number of treatments needed for complete removal. 

Because each tattoo is unique, removal techniques must be tailored to suit each individual case. In the past, tattoos could be removed by a wide variety of methods but, in many cases, the scars were more unsightly than the tattoo itself. Clean Slate Tattoo Removal has the ability to remove these tattoos without the scaring associated with other tattoo removal methods. 

It is important for each patient to understand that each tattoo is unique and therefore the removal process will be unique. Clean Slate Tattoo Removal has the dedicated professionals needed to develop a treatment plan for our customers. Call us today to set up your appointment. Again, whether you want a full or partial removal of your tattoo, or simply want in lightened a little, Clean Slate Tattoo Removal at Vein Specialtieshas the experience and dedication to meet all your needs.

Introducing the Enlighten Laser by Cutera!

The Cutera Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal System was designed to be the world's most effective tattoo removal laser. Every day at Clean Slate Tattoo Removal St. Louis, it fulfills that mission. 

Cutera's Enlighten technology surpasses other tattoo removal options by using extremely short and high-power picosecond laser pulses which efficiently and quickly break down the ink particles in tattoos.  A 'picosecond' is one-trillionth of a second, and is 1,000 times shorter that the 'nanosecond' pules used in existing lasers for tattoo removal.  Picosecond laser pulses have been shown to remove tattoos more completely and in fewer treatment sessions than traditional lasers used in the past.

The result is a laser system that allows the Removal Specialists at Clean Slate Tattoo Removal to effectively treat tattoos of all colors.  The Enlighten laser system uses maximum peak power sufficient to shatter the unwanted tattoo ink, while keeping the patient's skin safe from excessive energy exposure.

Clean Slate Tattoo Removal is able to address and remove the unwanted tattoo ink without causing long-term damage to other surrounding skin. With Cutera Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal, patients can finally achieve tattoo-free skin in a fast, well-tolerated procedure.

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