Tattoo Removal | Testimonial

I have been to other tattoo removal centers where I endured a lot of pain and had some post treatment scarring. It looks as if my skin was burned. When I came to see you I was treated so nicely. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The tattoo I was having removed was very colorful and it took 3-4 times before it finally faded away. Thank you so much for treating me with respect during these visits. ~M.J.

I had a visible black tattoo on my lower arm which my employer told me needed to be completely covered in order to get a promotion. I decided to have it removed instead as it would allow me to wear short sleeve shirts in the summer. I chose Clean Slate Tattoo removal as my mother had used them for some veins on her legs. The results were tremendous. Luckily my tattoo was not too deep and responded well to their treatments. I am so glad that I decided to get this removed professionally. Thank you so much. ~G.K.