Patient Testimonials

Amy suffered from vascular problems, and was unhappy with the way the veins in her legs looked. Then she met the experts at Vein Specialties.

Posted by Vein Specialties & Clean Slate Tattoo Removal on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Watch Zach’s testimonial about how Vein Specialties gave him a new start!

Posted by Vein Specialties & Clean Slate Tattoo Removal on Saturday, October 22, 2016

"I no longer have routine discomfort when sitting, and I have greater freedom of movement than before. Dr. Bein and his associates were careful and patient during my recovery, and I can honestly say this has made a major difference in my life." -David M.

My wife has been everywhere for spider vein treatment. She highly recommends this place over anywhere else. Maria does an excellent job and makes the treatment enjoyable, it doesn't even hurt." EG 01/2017

"I've had spider veins treated for many years and in multiple states, and Maria is the best.  She is the only one who has sought to identify "feeder veins" contributing to my problem.  This is probably considered a "best practices" approach, yet no one else has done this for me before, including other providers here in the St. Louis area.  After seeing my results with Maria, I won't go anywhere else.  Money well-spent!" M. 01/2017

"Dear Dr. Bein and Maria, Thank you for a first class operation. Most happy with my “miracle” results!  Dr. Bein, you are a true artist and it was fun seeing you at work." - PB

"Thank you Dr. Bein, to you and your staff.  You did a great job and I greatly appreciate all your hard work.  You also have a great and caring staff!  Thanks again."  -SH

"Thanks for doing all you did to help my legs, your friendliness and care.  I am glad our paths crossed. Blessings."  -AS

    "Dr. Bein,
    Just a note of appreciation to you and your staff as to the professional manner in which you helped me.  I truly felt we were "a team" in your concern and "bedside manner" in the healing process as well."  -AV

"Dr. Bein, 
Thanks so much for giving me a new life! Now I have much more freedom to move pain free! Doing the stairs is no longer a problem as before and I can shop with ease now not needing a ride on cart these days.  It's great and I'll be forever grateful for your care. The vein procedure really helped."  -AR

"This was a positive experience. Dr. Bein and staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. They are very professional.  I would highly recommend Dr Bein to anyone considering this procedure."

"Vein Specialties has changed my life by repairing/fixing my varicose veins. Also I can do more activities outdoors because I am not ashamed of the way my legs look!  No more itchy legs because the blood flow was cut off to them. No more heavy legs or achy pain in my legs thanks to Dr. Bein. Thanks to all at Vein Specialties."

"My right leg had a bulging varicose vein that made my leg look older. I felt very uncomfortable wearing shorts and dresses. I went to Dr Bein to see about treatment and decided to have the vein removed.  I am thrilled with the results. Not only does my leg look better but I no longer have the achiness at the end of the day. I wish I'd done it sooner!"

"The procedure was absolutely painless. Dr. Bein and his nurse made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Please do not be apprehensive – it was so simple and quick.  Thanks for everything."  -NL

"The experience was very comfortable. Dr Bein was great, talked to me through the whole procedure. I was able to see what ever I wanted when interested. I am looking forward to great results!"  -ML

"For many years I looked at my legs and thought 'why do I allow myself to continue to look like this'.  I should have taken better care of myself.  The procedure was painless and now I feel great.  Thanks Dr Bein!"  -CS

"Dr. Bein, Thank you so very much for the comfort and ease you have brought to me with your wonderful treatments. The feeling in my legs transcends to my whole attitude on life.  The professionalism you have accorded me cannot be expressed in words. You and your staff are to be congratulated on your demeanor and conduct.  I highly recommend anyone with any vein discomfort to see you.  Thank you so much."

"I was very anxious when I first came. After you explained my nerves calmed down.  Nothing could be worse than the swollen veins... Before the treatment I was anxious, but I was in and out and back home.  Now I am going up and down stairs as normal. I can enjoy life on my feet again!!  What used to be a painful trip to the store, I park further away and able to walk to the entrance instead of near the handicapped parking. The heaviness and pain limited me for a long time. Thanks Dr. Bein and staff for taking such great care of me." -CG

"For years I was embarrassed to show my legs because of my spider veins. Dr. Bein and his staff made me feel so comfortable and confident about my expectations and results. I now feel free to wear whatever." - Dorothea B.

"I always felt that everyone focused on that large vein on my face, and it only looked worse as I got older. I'm so thrilled with the results and the experience at Dr. Bein's office, and am no longer self-conscious. Thank you!" - Mary J.

"As I became older, my hand veins became very prominent. I felt they aged me, and I was self-conscious about them. I no longer am ashamed of or try to hide them. I was treated with dignity and felt comfortable during the treatment." - Maria B.