Medical Compression

Medical Compression Stockings

We recommend medical grade compression for all procedures whether spider vein, varicose veins or venous insufficiency. All of the staff in our vein center are certified fitters.  We carry Sigvaris hosiery to ensure your comfort, support, and to maximize your treatment.  Many insurance plans require a trial of medical compression before approving medically necessary vein treatments. 

For people who travel extensively or for long trips by car and air, we do recommend at least a 15-20 mmHg pressure knee length sock to help with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) clots which can be fatal.  These along with hydration, moving around/exercising the legs and not wearing constrictive clothing around the abdomen all make for healthier travel.

Sclerotherapy and laser treatments are enhanced by wearing compression stockings for a short period. Many people will then go into a more fashionable hose for maintenance especially when working in fields where they stand or sit for extended periods, travel by car or air frequently - or just like they way their legs feel at the end of the day. Our experienced staff will assist you with the correct size and style for your particular vein treatment. We recommend Sigvaris medical compression hose for effective compression, style and comfort.


Medical grade compression hose are important to improve blood return from the legs to the heart/lungs especially in those diagnosed with Chonic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), Deep Vein (DVT or superficial Vein (STE) blood clots.  In people with varicose veins and the underlying vein reflux due to "broken valves" they will experience less symptoms such as pain, heaviness, cramping, restlessness, burning, itching etc.  It is a pre-requisite of most insurance companies prior to approval of corrective procedures such as Laser Ablation and Ambulatory Phlebectomy.  

Allure Medical Compression Hosiery for Women features a fashionable diamond-dot pattern, which provides beautiful sheer hosiery for professional or dress wear. SIGVARIS Medical compression hosiery promotes legs health and is universally recommended for both the surgical and non-surgical treatment of venous disorders.

There are many styles for many actiivities.  From dress and athletic socks for men and women to fashionable leggings and running socks.  For those who work standing or sitting prolonged periods of time, support hose can prevent fatigue in the legs.