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January 31, 2018
Category: Healthy Skin
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Learn more about skin rejuvenation treatments from your vein specialist in St. rejuvenation

Want flawless skin? Skin rejuvenation treatments are the secret to perfect, blemish-free skin and can help improve the look and feel of your skin. These treatments are less invasive than surgery. Dr. Norman Bein at Vein Specialties in St. Louis, MO, offers skin rejuvenation treatments to his patients. Read on to learn about five of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments available.

1. Spider Vein Removal

The CUTERA Coolglide Xeo laser system removes unwanted, unsightly spider veins on many areas of the body. A laser handpiece is passed over your skin and the laser light is absorbed by the blood, causing the blood vessels to coagulate and be absorbed by the body. CUTERA Coolglide laser treatment is a safe, fast, and effective method for removal of spider veins. There is little downtime; however, you will need to protect the areas treated from sun exposure.

2. Sunspot Removal

If you want to watch your sun spots disappear, consider laser therapy. Sun spots, those brown spots and patches that appear on your skin after years of fun in the sun, can be effectively removed with The Astanza Trinity laser device. It is also used to treat freckles, moles, and age spots. No recovery time is necessary, but treatments are typically scheduled several apart to allow time for your skin to heal.

3. IPL Laser Therapy

Intense pulsed light, or IPL, is a treatment that uses light to treat skin problems and rejuvenate the complexion. During the treatment, light pulses are directed over the skin. The light penetrates deep into the dermis where the light energy stimulates cells to produce collagen. Over several treatments, this new collagen softens and smooths the appearance of pores, fine lines, and textural problems. It also treats age spots, freckles, sun damage, rosacea, and spider veins.

4. Microdermabrasion

Everyone seems to be talking about microdermabrasion. More than a million people will get it done this year. Microdermabrasion treats sun damage, fine lines, stretch marks, light scarring, discoloration, or clogged pores. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that uses an instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the superficial layer of dead skin cells. When you remove the outer layer of skin, the body interprets it as an injury. The lost skin cells are then replaced by newer, healthier ones.

5. Laser Genesis

Want to look younger? Laser Genesis is a cutting-edge skin treatment that make it easier to turn back the clock. Laser Genesis treatments treat wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, sun damage, and large pores; all while improving the skin's texture and tone. It works by gently heating the skin, stimulating collagen growth and shrinking swollen capillaries. The treatment is easy, fast, and extremely effective with no downtime.

If you've ever wondered how some of your favorite Hollywood stars seem to look so perfect all the time – whether they're shopping at the mall or laying on the beach – they likely owe their glowing, ageless skin to skin rejuvenation treatments. Call Vein Specialties at 314-993-8233 now to schedule an appointment in St. Louis, MO. Our skin rejuvenation treatments will make you look and feel younger and more beautiful.

By Vein Specialities
January 13, 2017
Category: Dermatology

Having varicose veins can be uncomfortable; many people find them unsightly, so they wear clothes to keep them covered even in hot Varicose Veinsweather. Other people experience pain within the veins, which makes enjoying normal activities difficult. At Vein Specialties in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Norman Bein and his staff want to help people reduce their discomfort and improve their appearance with skin rejuvenation treatments specifically designed to eliminate varicose and spider veins. Many patients have questions about these treatments, so we've answered a few of them here.

What are varicose veins?

When blood vessels close to the surface of the skin become enlarged, they are known as varicose veins. They can be blue, purple or red in color; the larger veins can be "ropey" and "puffy" and the smaller capillaries appear as tiny web-like strands known as spider veins. Some varicose veins can be painful, especially after long periods of sitting. Your St. Louis vein specialist can typically diagnose varicose veins through a quick ultrasound examination and discussion of your medical history.

Will varicose veins go away on their own?

Women often develop varicose veins during pregnancy due to hormones; many times, these veins recede after birth. However, most people have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins, meaning that if your parents or another close relative dealt with them, your own chances of having them are fairly high. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to prevent varicose veins, and they typically worsen with age.

How can my varicose veins be treated?

There are several ways our St. Louis vein specialists can treat your varicose veins. Laser treatments or minimally invasive surgical procedures are performed in-office, and insurance covers painful varicose vein treatments. Recovery times short and the results more quickly apparent. All the treatments available are aimed at collapsing the varicose veins, which will then cause the body to absorb them. The discoloration and discomfort associated with the veins will be minimized or eliminated, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.

If you're tired of dealing with varicose veins, we here at Vein Specialties in St. Louis, Missouri, can help you! Contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment today!

By Vein Specialities
May 12, 2016
Category: Dermatology
Tags: Skin Rejuvenation  

Conditions affecting the veins can be frustrating, irritating and even life-threatening. Luckily, many vascular issues can be treated. However, the unsightly appearance left behind may affect your self-esteem. Your St. Louis, MO doctor at Vein Specialities can help you enhance your appearance and improve the appearance of veins.Skin Rejuvenation

What are spider and varicose veins? 
Varicose veins are large raised, swollen blood vessels which are visible through the skin. Usually located in the legs, this condition can be painful and cause leg cramps. Spider veins also occur most often in the legs, though can be seen in the face and neck area as well. They are smaller than varicose veins and normally red, purple or blue in color. Both conditions are hereditary and occur in individuals who are obese, on their feet for long periods of time and suffer from other medical issues. Spider and varicose veins occur in women more often than men, though some males also suffer from the condition.

What is skin rejuvenation? 
Skin rejuvenation allows patients who have undergone treatment for their vascular conditions to improve their appearance of their skin with the help of specialized treatments. Many of the procedures offered by your St. Louis vein specialists include laser therapy specifically created to improve the appearance of spider and varicose veins and other treatments to smooth the skin on the face and neck. The goal of skin rejuvenation is to leave you looking and feeling great.

What can skin rejuvenation do for me? 
Skin rejuvenation helps you by smoothing the appearance of the skin and eliminating the appearance of unsightly veins. Laser treatments offered by Vein Specialties are safe, effective and leave you feeling great about the way you look. Treatments include laser therapies like Cutera Laser, which is an IPL (intense pulsed light) laser. It treats the appearance of spider veins and can be utilized to perform other therapies. Treatments like Limelight work to clear spider veins on the face and neck areas. Laser Genesis treats fine lines and wrinkles, along with large pores. Vein Specialties also offers microdermabrasion to smooth the facial skin. Latisse lengthens and thickens the eyelashes. Vein Specialties removes darkened areas of the skin such as sunspots.

For more information on skin rejuvenation, please contact Dr. Norman N. Bein at Vein Specialities in St. Louis, MO. Call (314) 993-8233 to schedule your appointment at Vein Specialties today!