What We Can Do About Your Varicose Veins
August 13, 2019
Category: Dermatology
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Say goodbye to unsightly veins when to you turn to our vascular doctor in St. Louis, MO.

Do your varicose veins cause your legs to look like roadmaps? If so, then you may be tired of just covering this problem up. Of course, if Vericose veinsthe idea of wear long pants in the summertime and not getting to enjoy days at the pool sounds less-than-ideal then our St. Louis, MO, vascular surgeon Ayaz Malik, MD, FACS and Rachael Brewer, FNP-C offer advanced treatment options that will help you get rid of varicose and spider veins.


Are varicose veins and spider veins the same?

While weakened blood vessel walls cause both varicose and spider veins to develop it’s important to recognize that these veins are different. Spider veins are often very thin blue or red branch-like lines that do not cause symptoms while varicose veins are bulging blue blood vessels that often pop out from the surface of the skin.

Not only do varicose veins impact your appearance but they can also cause unpleasant symptoms such as swelling, cramping, stinging and discomfort, most often in the legs where they commonly appear. While they aren’t known to cause blood clots or other serious complications sometimes the symptoms associated with varicose veins can be uncomfortable or can worsen over time.


How can Vein Specialties get rid of my varicose veins?

In the past, traditional surgical methods for removing varicose veins often left patients having to deal with several weeks of post-surgical recovery and visible scars; fortunately, thanks to modern medical technology, we offer several ways to remove varicose veins without the need for more invasive surgical techniques.


Laser Ablation

Specifically known as endovenous laser ablation, this procedure is performed under local anesthesia and can be completed in about 30 minutes. During this procedure, a tiny fiber is inserted into the vein where the diode laser will then heat up and seal the vein. Since the vein is sealed, blood can no longer pass through it. Over time the body will reabsorb the vein. Most patients can return to their normal activities in about two days after this treatment.



During this minor surgical procedure, our vascular surgeon will make a small incision into the skin to remove the vein with a special surgical tool that will allow us to remove rather large varicose veins through a very tiny incision, which means a subtle and often unnoticeable scar. If you have deeper varicose veins we may recommend getting this treatment along with endovenous laser ablation for the best results.



This procedure is recommended if you have larger varicose veins. During sclerotherapy, our St. Louis, MO, vascular specialist will inject a special solution into the veins to cause them to collapse. Just like with ablation therapy, once the vein collapses it will be reabsorbed by the body.


Varicose vein treatment could get you one step closer to feeling more confident in your appearance. Call Dr. Ayaz Malik and his team at Vein Specialties in St. Louis, Missouri today at (314) 993-8233. Or visit us online at www.veinspecialties.com.